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Concerned about the company's resumption of work, the leaders of Jun'an Town inspected and guided Junjing Hotel's epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work

Date: 2021-01-05

On the morning of March 5th, the mayor of Jun’an Town, Zeng Fan, and the leaders of the town government came to Junjing Hotel to conduct a visit and inspection work to learn about the preparations for the resumption of epidemic prevention work, work and the needs of enterprises. Under the care and guidance of the leaders of the town government, Junjing Hotel actively responded to the government's call to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, and provided guidance to the dining customers of the returning employees, so that the employees can resume work healthy and the customers can eat at ease.

The general manager of the hotel, Mr. Kong, gave a detailed introduction on the establishment of epidemic prevention organizations, the temperature monitoring of personnel entering and exiting, and the disinfection of key areas.